Peléculas online

El Marino 3

A sailor is sent hurtling into the sky by the Halifax Explosion. Géneros: animación, cortoAño: 2022 VER AHORA

Larva : Le pouvoir de l'amulette

Esta tronchante secuela de ‘Larva: Aventuras en la isla’ y ‘Larva: Aventuras en la isla - La película’ muestra las peripecias de los amigos Rojo y Amarillo en la ciudad. Géneros: animación, corto, aventuraAño: 2022Calidad: HD VER AHORA

Heart Shot

Los adolescentes Nikki y Sam están enamorados y planean su futuro juntos, hasta que el peligroso pasado de Nikki regresa para amenazarlo todo. Géneros: corto, acción, romanceAño: 2022Calidad: HD VER AHORA


A look at the lives of a group of boys from a detention center and their testimonies as victims of an exploitative model. Géneros: corto, documentalAño: 2021Calidad: HD VER AHORA

The Feast

Siblings, Lucy and Sam return to their childhood home where their reclusive mother resides. They soon discover that untold horrors have come to haunt her, and must face a vile demonic force before they lose their mother for good. Géneros: corto, terrorAño: 2021 VER AHORA

Hitler's Disastrous Desert War

When the British army looks set to defeat Mussolini's Italian forces, Hitler sends reinforcements; the Afrika Korps led by General Rommel. The Desert Fox is on winning form until Montgomery, the British commander, sets up a plan to Géneros: documental, corto, historiaAño: 2021 VER AHORA

El princesito(a)

When Gabriel, a 7-year-old Chinese kid who loves ballet, becomes friends with Rob, another Chinese kid from school, Rob's dad gets suspicious about Gabriel's feminine behavior and decides to intervene. Géneros: corto, dramaAño: 2021 VER AHORA

Colors of Love (2021)

An abstract mood piece: silhouettes, shadows, and moving paint with experimental musical score in the background. An exploration of the dark days we are living in, and glimpses of brighter days filled with colors and love. Géneros: corto, romanceAño: 2021 VER AHORA

Crisis (2021)

An up-close and personal look at a team of 911 dispatchers at a call center just outside of Cleveland where they take on a never-ending bombardment of panic-stricken callers and save lives. Géneros: cortoAño: 2021 VER AHORA

Intrusión (2021)

Géneros: cortoAño: 2021 VER AHORA

LEGO Star Wars cuentos escalofriantes (2021)

Iconic Star Wars characters from across the galaxy compete in an epic race for a grand prize. Géneros: animación, corto, comediaAño: 2021 VER AHORA

Injustice (2021)

A Mother struggles to deal with the unknown condition of her incarcerated son during the worst pandemic in over 100 years. Géneros: documental, cortoAño: 2021 VER AHORA
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