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An aeronautical engineer at Ariane Espace, Jim has devoted himself for years to a secret project: building his own rocket and accomplishing the first manned space flight as an amateur. But to realize his dream, he must learn to share it.
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Nicolas Giraud
Nicolas GiraudJim Desforges
Mathieu Kassovitz
Mathieu KassovitzAlexandre Ribbot
Hlne Vincent
Hlne VincentOdette Desforges
Hippolyte Girardot
Hippolyte GirardotMonsieur Dominique
Bruno Lochet
Bruno LochetAndr Lavelle
Ayumi Roux
Ayumi RouxIzumi Sayako
Carole Trevoux
Carole TrevouxSylvie Desforges
Fodor Atkine
Fodor AtkineFernbach
JeanHenri Compre
JeanHenri CompreGrard Desforges
Anne Charrier
Anne CharrierEva Veredia
Jrmie Renier
Jrmie RenierCapitaine Muller
Christophe Rossignon
Christophe RossignonLe grandpre photos

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